Registration Update

Greetings from the awakenings Planning Committee,

The awakenings Conference is generating a lot of excitement!  Many people of faith have told us they are delighted to have a conference of this scope and depth available to them. People are coming from a number of states — VA, WI, PA, NJ, NY, VT, NH, ME, CT, RI, and MA.

We have had calls from a number of people asking if we could extend the early registration price, as well as calls from people who want to come but can’t make the whole conference.

We are eager to have more of you be able take advantage of this wonderful opportunity so we have some good news on both questions.

1) The Early Registration price of $260. is extended through the start of the conference on Thurs., April 26th.  The Clarion Hotel in West Springfield will also extend their deadline for the discounted room price until April 16th.

2) We are initiating a walk-in registration price scale to accommodate people who have not registered because they can only attend a portion of the conference.  This scale allows you to come after the start of the conference and pay for just the portion left. 

For the best conference experience we recommend you preregister for the whole conference.  All advance registrations and payment for both the conference and the meals must be received no later than April 23rd.  Preregistration will give you some workshop choice and flexibility, and an opportunity to sign up for lunches or Fri. dinner.

After April 23rd, registration will be at the door on a space available basis. (Call ahead- 413-532-1483- and we will put your name on a list and hold a place for you)

We will not be able to provide meals for walk in registrants. You will be assigned to workshops that are open at that time.

Walk-In Registration Fee Scale
Come at the times listed in 1 through 7  and pay for the balance of the conerence:         

Register at the door:                                                          Payment

                    1.   Thursday Evening                                     $260

                    2.  Friday Morning                                           $240

                    3.  Friday Afternoon                                       $200

                    4.  Friday Evening                                            $160

                    5.  Saturday Morning                                      $120

                    6.  Saturday Afternoon                                  $80

                    7.  Saturday Evening & Balance                 $40

The walk-in registration scale means if you are primarily interested in hearing Marcus Borg you can call ahead and come Friday and hear 3 sessions of Borg and the other Sat. speakers, Sunday service and concert for $160.  Or you can call ahead and come Saturday morning, hear 2 sessions of Borg and the other Saturday speakers, Sunday Service and Concert for $120.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference.


The awakenings planning Committee

Pam Lamlein Chairperson; Chuck & Bobbie Morkin, Pastoral Team; Tim Damon; Barbara Perkins